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How do I know I was invited to an offer or bidding process?
The system sends an automatic alert to the email of the company contact that the buyer has selected. In the message you will find a link to sign in Intelcost.
What should I do if I need to change the contact/mail of the person in my company who was invited to quote?
You must contact the buyer (company) who publishes the offer to notify that the mail or contact person has changed to make the adjustment and to forward the offer to the indicated person.
Can I send clarification messages to the process I was invited to?
Yes, the software has the option to write messages and send attachments. All replies are recorded in the system and will be send as alerts to contacts emails.
How do I know if my offer was sent to the buyer?
The system sends a confirmation email once the supplier selects the "Submit offer" option.
If I have already sent an offer, can I modify it?
Yes, you must attach the updated files, save them and re-select the option "Submit offer”. The buyer will receive only the documents of the latest post.
If I am a provider and forgot my password, what should I do?
You must select the option "Forgot your password?" on, indicating the registered email to which the password will be forwarded.


If I am already registered, how can I manage my data?
On the web site you can access through "supplier session", sign in with your user (email and password). Once you log in, you can manage the following data or information:

Change password
At Home, you can select "change my password"“change my password”

Update my information
Select " My Account" option you can validate the status of all offers to which your company has been invited.

Access to offers
At the "offers" option you can validate the status of all offers to which your company has been invited.
Is there a way to improve my position in search results as a supplier?
Yes, the recommendation is to always keep your information up to date. Including commercial references, supports, certifications, financial information and data related to activities of goods and services provided by your company. In this way, the chances of coincidence increase.