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Who are we?

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who share the courage, and ambition to revolutionize the entire supply chain to make it completely transparent and efficient for all stakeholders involved in the procurement bussiness, with the passion of constantly innovating.

What is our motivation?

We want companies to be able to buy faster, easier and better with the best suppliers that allow our customers to maintain their competitive advantages without any friction. For this, we have the best human talent.

Our business values


We have the courage and the strength to transcend beyond the barriers.

Team Spirit

We spare no effort to get the maximum value.


We work under the principles of honesty, loyalty, ethics and confidentiality.


We will always seek to experiment with emerging technologies, to be used throughout the solution suite in the purchasing department.

Customer Orientation

We seek to maintain a constant, close, proactive, formal, professional communication by always offering a solution before we are asked.


Available positions


The development area aims to provide solutions and improvements to the tools and services offered by the company using technologies and agile software development methodologies, through:

  • Accompaniment and advice in the gathering of technical requirements

  • Software Design and structuring

  • Software Development and Maintenance

  • Data processing

  • Systems audits

  • Software Documentation

We work proactively with the operations, marketing, and administrative teams, to project ourselves as one of the best Software SaaS specialized in E-Procurment of the market.


In the administrative area of Intelcost we manage the economic resources of the company in an efficient manner in order to provide timely solutions to the senior management and human talent.

Our objectives:

  • We successfully manage Intelcost's human and financial resources to achieve short, medium- and long-term objectives.

  • We ensure the fulfillment of the corporate values and the processes established for each work area.

  • We optimize the processes inherent to the service of our clients in order to maintain our promise of value.


Intelcost's Marketing team work with passion every day to generate ideas, strategies and tactics that lead us to achieve the objectives of the company, obtain new clients and develop new businesses. Our main objective is to engage our clients by understanding their needs, offering them the best service and effective communications through different channels. In Marketing we work for:

  • Gain visibility in the market.

  • Generate relevant content.

  • Build relationships with our customers.

  • Increase the development of new businesses.


The objective of the operational area is to offer our clients up-to-date, clear and validated information from their suppliers, to provide them security in the purchasing and bidding processes, minimizing the operational risk in the customer-supplier relationship, For them we take care of the following activities:

  • Registration and approval of the legal documents of national and foreign companies.

  • Validating restrictive lists

  • Technical and financial prequalification

  • Help Desk